November 27, 2008

Gobble Gobble

Yeah, Thanksgiving. Turkey, stuffing, family, football, wine... Only- oh yeah, no wine for me. We bought a bottle of Fre alcohol removed red wine so I could at least pretend, but I gotta say, that stuff tastes terrible. Like grape juice that got left out on the counter for a week. And it's just so not the same.

Today was also the day that we shared the news with the family. We're really doing a great job of hitting the major holidays with big announcements. Easter was the marriage bomb, so we figured no better day to spread the word than today. And since everyone's all together in one room, it's just so much more convenient. There were some tears, some hugs, some well-wishes. Your typical responses, I would imagine.

We're left now with a full bottle of fake wine, a fridge packed with leftovers, and a sink brimming with dishes. Happy Turkey Day to us!