November 29, 2008

looking forward

Hubby asked me last night if I feel different now that I'm incubating his offspring. I do, physically, in the following ways: boobs, as previously mentioned, are sore; abdomen is bloated and distended; I get hungry and thirsty really quickly and unexpectedly, like I haven't eaten or drank for a week, but it just sneaks up on me all of a sudden; I've had a few moments of lightheadedness; I feel more tired and lazier than ever, if that's possible; and there's a weird new heavy/tight feeling in my pelvic region.

Mentally, I'm still adjusting. I'm excited and scared and nervous and anxious, usually all at the same time. I don't know what I'll be doing for a job in a month and a half, which really complicates the timing of this whole adventure. If I'm looking for a new job, do I tell them that I'm pregnant or not? Should I just temp until the baby comes?

What about insurance? I have some now, but if my job goes away, so does that. I can get covered through hubby's work, but that means an extra expense we can't really afford. And we can't even live off of his salary alone, I don't think. What are we supposed to do when I can't work because I'm in a hospital squeezing a baby out? And after? It's pretty scary if I actually sit down and really think about it, so I'm really just trying not to right now. I have to just trust that it will all work out.

I'm really excited for what the next few months hold for us. We're going to have a great adventure, and I think we'll be amazing parents.