December 23, 2008

Baby's first blizzard

Have been trapped in the house since last Wednesday, thanks to one million inches of snow that won't go away. Can count on one hand how many times we've left the house since then. Cabin fever at all time high. So high, in fact, that Gus is currently cleaning the laundry room. Of his own accord.

Bought 2,000 piece puzzle and Yahtzee, but too bored to attempt either. Mostly reading and working on Baby's cross-stitch projects, oh, and eating. Finally feeling up to food again! Yeah! Baby likes spicy, which is no surprise since that's what I always crave when I'm feeling hungover and my tummy's not 100%. Seems counter intuitive, but I find there's something comforting about it.

My nails are finally cashing in on the baby train too, just like the books predicted. They're normally thin and peel and break easily, but they're hardening up and actually extending past my fingertips a little. Progress. Now if only my cuticles would adjust to the weather and stop cracking and peeling away in red ragged chunks, maybe I'd finally have some presentable hands.

Also, Hanson's Diet Ginger Ale is best thing ever. Spicier than the regular Seagram's or Canada Dry, and no sugar headache or furry teeth result from drinking it. Major bonus.