December 1, 2008

be careful what you wish for...

So all the books I'm reading (and my mother) suggest that everyone's least favorite pregnancy symptom- morning sickness- should be setting in around now, but so far I haven't experienced anything. My gag reflex is a little more sensitive than normal, so brushing my teeth and especially my tongue is a bit of a challenge, but no vomiting so far. I've also noticed a bit of an increased sensitivity to smells, like my darling husband's feet, for example, but all this talk of running to the bathroom choking back breakfast just isn't ringing true for me.

Obviously, I'm totally grateful for the break that the pregnancy gods are giving me so far, but I can't help but feel a little concerned at the same time. Aside from the gigantic rack that has replaced my own moderately-sized one, I don't have too many noticible pregnancy indicators. Even though I do feel different, I don't really feel pregnant.

And this is not really helping my anxiety regarding carrying this pregnancy to term. Come on, Baby- make yourself known!