December 3, 2008

creative juice

Lately I've been having this weird instinctual desire to make something for the baby with my hands. You know, like some cute little knitted baby booties, or an adorable, snuggly afghan, or what-have-you. Since I'm not a very good knitter, I decided to go back to an old hobby of mine: counted cross-stitch.

I found a cute baby blanket pattern by Dimension, and I'm itching to get started.

And if you think that's cute, get a load of this. While we're at the craft store picking this little gem up, hubby was walking around the section browsing too. He was drawn to everything with a monkey on it, since that's our little nickname for each other, and I'm sure that will transfer to the little one. He picked out a bib and a monkey pattern, and decided it would be perfect for the baby. Since I assumed that he was expecting me to make it, I told him we should wait to see if I can get through the monster above before we pile more projects in the queue, and told him we should come back and buy it later.
"But what am I gonna do?" he asked...
OMG. Cutest husband ever. He's already going on the first little monkey's vest, and I expect him to be finished long before I even make a dent in my project.

Baby, you're a wonderful man, and I love you.