December 9, 2008

the hangover that never ends.

So far this week has been the complete opposite of the first six. I wake up feeling nauseous and that feeling follows me around all day. I have a persistent dull headache and even the idea of most food turns my stomach, which makes working in a kitchen extremely challenging.

Earlier today I sought refuge in the darkest place here at work- the laundry room. I just sat on the floor with my eyes closed for a few minutes, trying to calm the storm in my belly. It does help, but sadly, there's not a whole lot I can accomplish in there!

Crackers, toast, potatoes, rice- I guess white food is my clear preference at this point. I still haven't actually vomited, although I have had some close calls the last day or so. It's just more that the thought of putting certain things in my mouth lately really grosses me out.

It's so sad, because I LOVE food and I was really hoping this pregnancy thing was going to turn into my great excuse to eat everything in sight...