January 1, 2009

I get to name something? Freaking Sweet!

I'm not a person that knows what they want from life. I have very little direction. I have an alright job with a pretty good company, but I don't think it's my life's work. I've always thought if I had any focus or ability to study, I would love to be an architect. That's never going to happen, but as a back up, I think I would like to be the guy that comes up with names for paint colors.

Lulu likes to talk about painting every surface that exists in out house. She wants to paint every room that is in our house even though they have all been painted in the last 5 years. I despise painting. It takes time, attention to detail and patience. If there isn't graffiti on the wall I see little reason to paint it. And in the case of the Graffiti, if it's good, I say let it be. Art's art. Anyway, The only redeeming value of painting is paint color names. Lulu can stand in the paint aisle at a local big box home improvement center (your advertisement here) and look at paint colors. I can stand in the paint aisle for about 7 minutes and day dream about being the guy that names paint colors.

There's a person somewhere that gets to come up with the name for the color between Spring Sea Breeze and Sea Foam Sherbet. There is actually more then one person out there doing this because there is more then one paint company. I think this would be my runner up dream job. It is for this reason that when Lulu told me she was not pleased with the boy name she thought she liked, and we needed a new boy name that I became excited. You see, Lulu has the names of her future offspring already picked out. I give her a hard time about it, but I understand having names you like picked out. When she told me she wanted to think about other names my mind started going crazy. I get to name something! Not just something, I get to think of names for my possible future son.

Now this is where Lulu just wishes she bought a baby name book and never mentioned to me that "Henry" needs a new name. I have always though "Hyphen" would be the best middle name ever. And now with celebrities naming their children everything from Apple to Zuma Nesta Rock to Bronx Mowgli, the precedent has been set for me to name my heir anything I freaking please. I'm going to come up with a list of names to share with everyone, but it's going to take me a little while.