December 28, 2008

shopping day!

Gus and I (and the majority of the other residents of the greater Seattle area) hit a couple of consumer hot-spots today: Ikea and Costco. Kitten needed food and Daddy gave us Costco gift cards, so we spent a while wandering the warehouse aisles. We found some deals, including a three-pack of bras for my enormous new rack. Since you can't try them on, I just bought the biggest size they sold- 36D, bigger than I even knew existed previously. I was relieved and a bit appalled when they actually fit.

Baby got a present today too. Ikea has some cute softies, and there was an adorable elephant that I just couldn't pass up. Monkey's first elephant! He's just so sweet and snuggley. I have my eye on some prints for the nursery too, and I'm thinking more jungle animals are in order.