January 18, 2009

Baby's first rock concert

Hubby and I took Baby to the Paramount last night to see O.A.R. Well, I guess technically Hubby and I went to the show and Baby really just tagged along, but still- it was an exciting night for all of us!

The show was open seating on the floor and reserved in the balconies. Even though we've been to shows at the Paramount before and vowed never again to sit in the balconies, there was no way my old ass was standing up with the fifteen-year-olds for an entire concert, so I went for the reserved seats. Unfortunately, it seems that the seats in the balcony have gotten even smaller since our last visit, and even with my short legs I was hitting my knees on the row in front of me. Poor hubby's got a foot on me, so I could only imagine his discomfort.

To add to the enjoyment of sharing such close quarters with four million of our closest friends, some poor lush a couple rows up apparently had one too many appletinis, and before the opening act had even wrapped up, they had shared the contents of their stomach with the floor and seat in front of them. In case anyone wasn't sure what had happened, the kid in front of me was nice enough to take a picture. Oh, the generosity of strangers!

Although the show was enjoyable, we both decided that seriously, we're never again going to sit up in that balcony for any reason. For real this time. Outdoor venues are really the only way to go. The last time we saw O.A.R. it was at Marymoor park, and we were ten feet from the stage enjoying a picnic and a beer. Seriously, no contest.