January 17, 2009

cheeky monkey

For Christmas I requested and received this book from my mom.

It's Amy Butler's Little Stitches for Little Ones and it is chock-full of adorableness. I love that since her fabric is so modern and cheerful, nothing comes across as too sickeningly baby-ish.

There are a lot of projects that I would love to make from the book, but until we know Baby's gender, I'm hesitant to invest too much time or money in things that might not prove to be appropriate. I decided to start with something fairly easy and small, which I can gift to someone with a girl if our bundle of joy ends up having the other kind of parts.

The Cheeky Monkey Laundry Bag starts with a simple design, just a drawstring bag with an opening in the front to put the laundry through. The monkey is what made it irresistible, and as a bonus, I got to do machine applique for the first time, so this project was totally worth it.

And the fabric isn't too terribly girly, so I guess we could still use it if Baby's a boy, at least until he's old enough to know the difference.