January 27, 2009

chicken tikka masala

When I was catching up on my blogs the other day, I starred a post that one of my faves wrote about a recipe for tikka masala and naan. Since hubs and I both love Indian food, and as I've mentioned before, Baby likes it spicy- I decided we needed to try it out ASAP.

Alicia promised that it tasted just like it does at her favorite Indian restaurant, and not to be afraid of the whole diced jalapeno that goes into the pot. I wasn't (hubby sure was though) and it did. This was an amazing recipe. The chicken was really tender and flavorful thanks to the soak in the yogurt and spice marinade, and the sauce is just perfect. It seems like it's going to be painfully spicy as you're putting it together, but it's not. It's wonderfully complex and creamy and just delicious. I will absolutely be making it again.

The naan, on the other hand, was a different story. I killed the yeast with too-hot water as I was proofing, and although I knew I did it, I didn't dump it out and start over like I knew I should. I just let it sit, hoping it would rise, and then ended up running to the store for suitable naan right before dinner anyway. I will be trying the recipe again though- I will not be beaten!

I always do that- try to approach baking like cooking, as though it's not the carefully orchestrated scientific process that it is, and more often than not, I end up disappointed. I'm so anal about details, it's really kind of odd that that doesn't seem to transfer to the kitchen when it comes to baking.

In other news, the final two walls of the nursery are painted and the curtains for the closet are made. Progress! Photos to follow shortly, once the damn snow goes away (again) and there's better light. You know, actual SUNSHINE!? I'm so ready for spring. Enough with the snow. Enough.