January 30, 2009


The nursery is now 100% painted, and holy mother of pearl, it is orange! It's a little bit shocking when you first walk in and flip on the light, but I think once there is art up on the wall (covering a little bit of it up!), and furniture in here, it will be better. And I really do love the colors- so bright and cheerful and fresh. It's perfect, I think.

We were planning to sell the chair above to make room for a rocker or a glider, but I'm having second thoughts. It's such a cozy chair and I've never sat in a rocking chair that I liked, so it doesn't really make any sense to me to get rid of comfy for not-so-comfy, just because it moves. We'll see.

And those are the curtains that I made for the closet from inexpensive lengths of fabric from Ikea Junior. I still have a little bit left, so I can use the same print for other things later, maybe pillows? Obviously, if Junior is a boy, the curtains will have to go to be replaced by ones featuring robots or guns or Starwars creatures or something. 

I'm still really loving the blue rug in here- it's a great contrast to the orange and gives me more options for decor. The blonde wood furniture is really working in here too, not as stark as white, and a good variation from the darker wood of the floor. Not too matchey-matchey, which I think is best.

I'm really anxious to get a crib in here so it starts to feel more like a nursery and less like a weird orange sitting room, but I cannot seem to wrap my head around all the options and the gravity of that decision. I have a hard enough time making decisions as it is, and that's just in the bread aisle at the grocery store. Factor in the many hundreds of dollars that the crib will cost, whether it should convert to a toddler bed or not, if it's a brand that's been recalled, if the side should lower or not, etc... it makes my ears bleed. 

I've literally spent hours comparing models online, and I always end up in the reviews section where each one ends up sounding more awful than the last. Even if most of the people gave it four point seven-five stars, it's that one pissed off person who warns against it that I focus on. This piece of furniture could theoretically kill my child, after all. And that's when I know I have to just turn the computer off, because at least at this point I can still recognize when my crazy is showing. I wholeheartedly blame my mother, queen of the crazies herself and the woman who could probably find the evil in a rainbow or a bucket of puppies if you gave her two seconds to think about it. Thanks, mom!