January 28, 2009

money shot

I tend to be a bit of a romantic, and I'm attracted to the idea of antiques, to old-fashioned concepts, and the simplicity of what I imagine life to have been like long ago. As a result, I love baby names that remind me of my grandmother and always thought that it would be so exciting and fun to be surprised by the gender of my baby as s/he was making their grand entrance into the world.

Cut to reality- me fourteen weeks along in this pregnancy and going insane with curiosity about this child growing inside of my belly. I can't bear the idea of waiting four more weeks to know the gender, forget waiting until the thing emerges! My idealistic, romantic notions can only be stretched so far before even I think they're ridiculous.

So bring on that ultrasound! I can't wait to get a peek at what's happening in there. And don't you dare cross your legs in modesty when it comes time for the big reveal, little one, or your mommy is going to be very disappointed in you.