January 3, 2009

nursery (before)

The room that we're going to be using as the nursery is the small room right next to our bedroom that is currently being used as our "library" (meaning simply that we have bookshelves in there). It's painted a nice stormy grey color that I love, but I think it's a little too drab and dreary for Baby.

The bookshelves are going to be relocated downstairs, and the comfy reading chair will be replaced with a rocker at some point. The desk that serves as our bar will be moved to the dining room lest Baby develop a taste for whiskey at an alarmingly young age, and we'll be left with a pretty much empty canvas.

Yes, that's him- Monkey's first Elephant. Adorable.

New curtains on the window, a fresh, bright coat of paint, and a whole lot of furniture we don't own yet, and we'll have a new nursery. Easy, right?

We've been waiting until the first doctor appointment to get the reassurance that everything is progressing like it should before we do anything to the room. That appointment is tomorrow, so you better believe that I'll be tearing those shelves apart within hours of the good news. I love to change things around and decorate, and what better excuse than a whole new human?

I'm leaning toward orange for the paint today. Granted, yesterday I was leaning toward aqua, but I really think orange. Or maybe a nice green...