January 7, 2009

piece of cake

So tomorrow starts week 12 of this little adventure. The first trimester is practically in the bag, and I gotta say, I think I've been really lucky. I know so many pregnant women suffer immensely during the first three months, and I almost feel bad complaining about my one week of nausea during which I vomited approximately 1.5 times and basically just felt kind of "icky".

We've been to the first doctor's appointment, were still ill prepared despite the countless weeks of waiting for it to just get here already, and of course forgot any question that we might have wanted to ask. We heard Baby's little heart thumping through my belly, along with the wind-storm sounds of my arteries pumping blood down there to make sure everything stays healthy and grows up big and strong.

We found out that our doctor is also pregnant and will be giving birth in May, but will be back in plenty of time to see me through the end of my pregnancy without missing so much as a beat. That obviously made me feel a little inadequate, considering I can't even imagine trying to work the new human into our life and then return to a normal job EVER. But I guess there's a reason I didn't choose medical school. Those guys just work too damn hard, and I'm winded just thinking about it.

So far my own job search has been less than fruitful, and I'm really hoping that something will come up before the belly becomes too obvious.

Also, why do we have to wait TWO MORE MONTHS to find out the gender of the baby? All this waiting is just torture. I'm ready to decorate now, and I really think medicine should have advanced to a stage where these things can be investigated far earlier. I have a magazine with actual color photos of babies in the womb- are you telling me that they can't run one of those into me and give me a little sneak preview? I'm sure my insurance covers that type of thing.