January 11, 2009

progress in the nursery

So here's the "library" relocated to a new home downstairs. It seems so much smaller against the vastness of the new space than it did in the tiny room upstairs. We'll be adding some lighting soon, because this is already a really dark room, and the dark wood bookcases haven't done anything to lighten it up.

And here's the empty hole where the shelves used to reside- ready for the transformation into nursery. First comes the paint, which we're currently working out.

As is usually the case, I'm leaning toward dark and bold, while Gus is drawn to a more muted version. I think we have agreed to paint the majority of the room the color that Gus selected and do one accent wall in "my" orange. It's a good compromise, and when I play with it on Color Smart on Behr's website I really like the results.

The shelves below are a couple of pieces that I nabbed from work during our going-out-of-business sale. The shelf on the right was in my office holding a bunch of junk and files and I never really even got a good look at it until it was all cleaned off and ready to sell. It has nice round corners and I thought it would make a nice bookshelf for the nursery. The other one held the timeclock, and since it matched I just figured I would bring it home and we would figure out somewhere to stash it. 

The lamp was in my office too, along with the painting by my dear friend Jenna. I love the way the teal works with the orange, so I think the new home for the painting will be in the nursery too. The prints in front of the painting are from Etsy seller barkingbirdart. Once they're framed and hung I'll take a better shot of them.

We currently have a big purpley-blue wool rug in the room that I purchased from a display sale when I worked at Nordstrom. It was a serious steal, a thick pile West Elm with the $490 price tag still attached that I only paid $20 for. I think it will stay, and I'll use the colors from it, the painting, and the prints to choose the fabrics for the curtains and the bedding. I'm thinking bright, mis-matchey prints in warm and bold colors. I think it's going to be really cute.