January 5, 2009

Thanks Doc.

We saw the doc for the first time today. This was my first visit to an OB/GYN and I have to tell you, I can see why women aren't big fans. Don't get me wrong. Our doctor is a very nice woman. After some simple questions and history with the nurse, the doc came in and talked us through some screening tests and some basic pregnancy stuff. Then...there was an exam.

I've heard about these exams and I've heard they were awkward and uncomfortable, and I know I can't make the argument that an exam is more awkward for a guy standing in the room but I would like to say that it's awkward for us too. Luckily, the kind doctor had me move from the foot of the table to the head of the table before the exam so I didn't have to...um...we'll say look down the barrel of the gun.

Anyway, I would have sat anywhere in the room since I was still in disbelief that I had just heard a rendition of my child's heartbeat on some microphone/speaker device. My child's heartbeat. Our child's heartbeat. We've made a child and it has a heartbeat. Sure, It sounded more like putting a psychedelic sea shell to your ear then what we typically think of as a heartbeat. 

I heard my child's heartbeat for the first time today.