January 22, 2009

trimester one? check!

So as has become my bi-weekly ritual, here's the belly at week fourteen. First trimester down the drain, Baby approximately clenched-fist size (according to book), and bump rounding out more and more all the time.

The coming months are supposedly the "easy" trimester, which makes me feel a little guilty, because this has been pretty much cake all along. My biggest complaint remains my runny nose, and even my appetite has picked up steam a little bit. Not everything sounds revolting any more, so you can expect that belly to continue to grow full steam ahead!

And, as nice as it's been to sleep in the last few days, I have really got to get myself a job ASAP. I'm going to lose it if I have to spend too much longer unemployed, and the longer I wait, the worse I feel for my potential employer. At this stage, I can only give them six months, and that just sounds terrible. I wouldn't hire me! Temp work is in my future, I think.