January 6, 2009

The Workplace

I shared our news with my cubemates today. They were happy and excited and even managed to get over the fact that someone's gonna need to pick up a little extra work when I'm tied up with birthing stuff. I'm a designer of sorts and my cubemates are all creatives as well so once the initial medical mumbo jumbo was dispensed with, everyone launched right into baby names. As I've mentioned before, Lulu has girls names picked out so I told them to work on boys names. 

Now I think it's worth noting that we often have conversations in my corner of the office about Star Wars and Star Trek. While I was away on business one time my cube wall was decorated with a poster designed by a co worker that had a picture of Capt. James T. Kirk on it with the phrase "I'm sorry I can't hear you over the sound of how awesome I am" underneath it like a Despair, Inc. poster. What I'm trying to say is- we're nerds. So I wasn't at all surprised when names like Jean Luke, Wharf and Annakin were tossed out there. Then there was "King" which would make baby King James. Then Odin, which would work since Odin is the Norse god of war and our cat is named Loki after the Norse god of mischief (we don't have any Norse blood in us if you were wondering).

Soon the talking about baby names subsided after a list of about 30 were on the whiteboard and everyone kind of returned to work. I didn't like anything I heard except maybe Benedict. I like Benjamin, except that it's a bit bland, but Benedict's regal which I like, and it can be shortened to Ben which is great.