February 5, 2009

16 week belly shot

Well, that's Junior in there at 16 weeks- and yes, there's me actually wearing fancy-pants dress-up clothes instead of my usual sweats or jeans. What could have inspired such an abandonment of my unemployment uniform? An interview- that's what!

At least that's what I thought when I got dressed and left the house this morning, freshly printed copies of my resume in hand (or in professional looking portfolio, actually). Turns out though, it was more of a meet & greet type of activity, a tour of the premises and a verification that I wasn't a psycho killer or an otherwise unsavory character before allowing me to schedule the actual interview with the board and the other figureheads.

They say they'll call me to set up a repeat performance, but in the meantime, bring on the comfy pants! Mama's got a couch to warm and yet another book to read.