February 17, 2009

amazing expand-a-pants!

I bought my first articles of maternity wear yesterday, mostly because I'm still unemployed and more than a little bored. My clothes are still fitting me surprisingly well, but I have a feeling that I'm just going to wake up one morning and discover that overnight I have fatted out of everything I own, so I figured an ounce of prevention- you know.

I hit up Target's maternity department, which is scrunched into about a millimeter of real estate in the women's plus department. Selection is in no way extensive, but I was able to find a pair of cute dark wash trouser-style jeans. They're a little roomy in the waistline right now, but that's obviously going to take care of itself here shortly.

They're Liz Lange Maternity, part of a line exclusively for Target. Shopping right now is kind of a drag, because I'm still at a stage where I look more like I've been pigging out on ice cream and beer than like I'm expecting. Normal clothes don't quite fit correctly in my usual size, but the next size up is too wide in the shoulder or too long in the arm, and maternity stuff mostly just looks silly at this point.

These jeans however, despite the stylish elastic waistband, are surprisingly cute. I think they're going to come in handy if I ever get to return to work and wear denim on Friday (fingers crossed).

I also totally copied Dooce and picked up the Liz Lange Maternity trench coat. They only had one left and it was my size, so fate might as well have been telling me it was already mine. It's super cute and a good weight for the coming (hopefully) warmer months. It's also got that great gathered front, so it fits well now and there's also plenty of possibility for expansion as that becomes necessary.

Overall, I think it was a successful first purchase. I'm going to attempt to continue in my regular wardrobe as long as possible by taking advantage of my knit dresses and low-waisted trousers as much as I can, but I'm obviously going to need to supplement with a few staples. These seemed like good choices.