February 14, 2009

Baby's first Valentine

So since the other day when I mentioned that we hadn't begun Baby's book collection yet, it's been really bugging me. I love to read and started really early, and I hope to pass my love of the written word along to my offspring. So, given that Baby is now way past that stage where his or her eyes can respond to light, I figured that now is as good a time as any to start that library.

I found myself in Barnes & Noble yesterday, and I spent some time exploring the section of kid's books looking for a familiar favorite that might make a good start to Baby's collection. I found a few that had potential, but I ultimately decided on this recently published book by Marion Dane Bauer called How Do I Love You?

I figured it was a nice fit to the theme of the day, and it's a really cute book. I added a little inscription to the back- signed with love from mom & dad, and maybe someday our little monkey will take it to college with them or something.

In other news, I made tostones yesterday for the first time, as an accompaniment to some delicious chicken taco salads. I first tried tostones on our honeymoon in New Orleans, at an amazing tapas restaurant where we had one of the many "best meals I've ever eaten" on that trip. Theirs were far superior to mine, which were pretty bland and really could have used some kind of delicious dipping sauce or something.

They came out pretty though, and hubby didn't think they were too bad.