February 27, 2009

flash Friday

So it turns out that there are unexpected perks to having a husband with a t-shirt company, and one of which is access to the screen-test shirts that don't meet quality standards. I have a box full of t-shirts in my craft room that were printed a little off-center or for some other reason didn't make the cut, and I've been hoarding them because I just knew that they would be useful at some point.

Turns out these tops had a future as bottoms! Who knew? I've been experimenting with fold-over elastic and the stretch stitches on my machine and I turned a couple of tees into a pair of boy-shorts and a pair of sleep shorts for myself.

These are designed with the logo on the butt in that ever-popular teen-skank style. And of course there's the irony- since I'm pregnant and I am clearly not still drunk from breakfast. I know, sometimes I'm hilarious.

These shorts will be great for pj's once it stops snowing around here, maybe by July or so? And I need to work on my waistband elastic application- these ones are too baggy, but I didn't know that the elastic wouldn't fully return once I had stretched the crap out of it to stitch it in. It's a learning process, and fortunately I have all these free materials to work with so I can't even really feel bad when something doesn't work out perfectly.

Watch this space for more irreverent t's finding new life as panties and what-not, if you're into that sort of thing.