February 24, 2009

kitchen storage

A while back we acquired an awesome hanging iron pot rack kind of like this one and we've been trying to figure out what to do with it ever since. It was much too big for our kitchen and our ceilings aren't high enough to hang it and then actually be able to use it as it was. We modified it a bit by taking off the arched bars on the top and then spent a few more months trying to decide how exactly to hang it from our ceiling without causing the kitchen to come crashing down.

Ultimately we decided that the whole thing was just too big and heavy to be practical for us at this juncture. Someday, when we have a huge beautiful kitchen with vaulted ceilings and a big island that we can hang the rack over we'll bring the rest out of storage, but for now I'll settle for using just this one little part of it.

That's just one of the two grids that creates the bottom section of the rack when it's put together normally. It's mounted to the wall with outdoor plant hangers that we picked up at our friendly new local hardware store.

It's created a great place to store some of the larger utensils and random kitchen stuff that we really didn't have a good spot for previously. Here up over the breakfast bar they're out of the way but still easily accessible, and it makes for a cute little display too.