February 10, 2009

lulu, bargain huntress

I scored a cute pair of bookends on a thrifting mission the other day- for less than five bucks! I was particularly impressed with my ability to buy these even though they're cars. Which are so obviously for boys. I'm clearly developing on the gender neutrality front. They're just so cute and whimsical that I couldn't pass them up.

They're currently supporting part of our collection of parenting and baby advice books, since we have yet to begin our kid's literature collection.

Another sweet nursery score that we picked up the other day: this cute ABC 123 mobile. It was on clearance at Pottery Barn Kids, marked down to $8 from $40! Have I mentioned how much I love to shop the clearance department at ridiculously overpriced retailers? It just feels so good to pay a fraction of what some other sucker loving parent-to-be paid for the same thing, especially when it's as cute as this!

It's kind of long and way more huge than we expected it to be, but there's no reason I can't shorten up those lengths of fishing line to make the thing more manageable. They have really cute musical crib mobiles there too, but since you're supposed to take them down by five months and I don't know if the kid will even be sleeping in the crib by then, it seemed like a better idea to just buy a decorative one instead.