February 9, 2009

a new life for old duds

This morning I woke up with an urge to be creative, so I holed myself away in my little dungeon of a sewing room for a few hours pondering my stash. I kept finding myself drawn to this old striped oxford shirt of hubby's- I think the spring-green color combo really appeals to me in the dead of winter. I ended up making a couple of different things that took advantage of the natural features of the shirt, like the button placket and the sleeves.

These bags were obviously once sleeves, and with just a minor bit of altering they are now a cute way to dress up that all-purpose gift we all love to give: the bottle of wine.

They were pretty easy to do, I just sized the sleeve down a bit and added a seam-binding channel on the inside for the ribbon. I have a few more discarded shirts that I have rescued from the charity bin because I couldn't part with all that great fabric yardage, and now I'm so glad I did! I'll be adding some of these to the Etsy shop in the next few days.

There's another shirt-part project as well, but I couldn't get a decent photo of it, so I'll wait for the expert to get home and take care of that for me.