February 4, 2009

India revisited

Since we had so much success with our adventures in Indian cuisine last time, we decided to give it another shot. We went with another recipe from Allrecipes.com, but chose another favorite that we always order when we go out for Indian- chicken makhani (better known as the mouth-wateringly delicious butter chicken).

This recipe had directions similar to the tikka masala that we made before, and I actually just put the marinade together the same way. I skipped the part about draining the yogurt, that sounded like too much work, and just poured it over the chicken with the spices and put it in the fridge. We also cooked the chicken in the oven like it suggested, instead of in the grill pan like we did with the tikka masala. That was much better, and we didn't end up with charcoal-ey bits on our chicken like we did last time.

Love, love, love this recipe. It wasn't quite as spicy as the tikka masala, but it had a similar creamy, tomato based sauce (lots of it too, great for sopping up with naan) and the chicken is so tender it just melts in your mouth. And speaking of naan, we tried it again and seriously- best naan ever. Fresh off the grill with melted butter glistening on the surface, just absolutely delish.

The recipe makes a ton of naan, and it's keeping quite nicely in a zip bag on the counter. Twenty seconds in the microwave, and it makes a mean afternoon snack. We'll definitely be coming back to these recipes regularly.