February 6, 2009

thought provoking

Eco Child's Play posted a series of articles concerning the "baby essentials" that perhaps aren't essential at all. I found them very interesting, and thought that perhaps you might as well.

The first item they showcased was the crib. Seems like a no-brainer necessity, but it seems that more and more people are realizing that it's actually something you can do without. Co-sleeping and bed-sharing are highly debated, but I think both are gaining ground in this industrialized America. In case you're wondering, we're planning to co-sleep, with Baby in a bassinet like this one: until nighttime feedings are less frequent and it's realistic for Baby to be in his or her own bed. In a crib. In another room. We're commitment-phobe radicals, what can I say?

Another fabulous pregnant gal whose blog I read is a Montessorian and plans to co-sleep and then use the floor bed, which is evidently a Montessori concept. I can't wait to read more about that as she shares more. It makes total sense to me, it's just such a foreign concept and I'm fascinated.

The second article is on infant bucket car seats, a topic that I can't really say that I have a developed opinion on. This could be because I haven't really ever been around one or lugged one around with me, except for the ones that my friends and families have brought their babies around in, and then I was far too busy making kissy faces and cooing sounds at the baby to notice the storage device. Again, the article makes excellent points, and I'll be sure to keep them in mind when we're figuring out what baby gear we want/need.

Part three takes us to strollers, something that I do feel strongly about. There's some part of me that just rejects the idea of pushing my baby out two feet in front of me. I'm not sure where it came from, but I have a mental image of a woman at a busy intersection pushing her child out into traffic and just hoping the cars will stop. I plan to wear the baby in a sling or a carrier instead, and am particularly excited about the fact that it will be a great way to cover up that post-birth belly!

The last article takes diapers to task, and that's just one concept that I can't get behind. While I certainly have my opinions regarding disposable vs. cloth diapering, the idea of going without diapers takes it one step too far for me. The same blogger mentioned above in the crib section plans to go for it with EC and a cloth back-up, and I think that's amazing. Although I can't wait to read about her experience, I'm not anxious to give that one a try myself.

If you have a chance to peruse these articles, I would love to hear your thoughts on the issues. Veteran baby-wrangler or not- do you think that there are pieces of the modern nursery that are unnecessarily deemed necessary? On the flip-side, are there things that you think it would be moronic for us to attempt to do without? We don't know what we're doing here- advice is welcome!