February 24, 2009


I think things in the belly region are slowly beginning to change. Lately it feels a bit like I'm hauling a brick around in my midsection, and life is starting to feel a bit uncomfortable. Things like sitting, sleeping- activities that one couldn't possibly think of as being trying under normal circumstances have suddenly become a bit of a chore.

Merriam-Webster defines unwieldy as follows (italics mine):

Main Entry: un·wieldy
Pronunciation: \-ˈwēl-dē\
Function: adjective
Date: 1530

: not easily managed, handled, or used (as because of bulk, weight, complexity, or awkwardness) : cumbersome

Last night we were lying on the couch watching our daily dose of HGTV and Gus leaned down to say hello to Baby. He was surprised that there "wasn't a lot of give" there anymore, to which I was forced to exclaim- "well yeah- I mean it's not like I'm just getting FATTER!!"

It is weird though- there's nothing that prepares you for the unfamiliar firmness that is developing down there, and I certainly didn't expect it, even though I knew it wasn't going to just be a big jiggly beer belly. You really have to feel it to believe it, and that brick sensation is just going to be getting worse for me, I'm sure. Pretty soon I'll be hauling around a cinder block, then a boulder...

I just have to thank my lucky stars that there aren't eight of them in there, 'cause that just looks like it hurts. Intensely.

Image from TMZ.