March 13, 2009

Baby's first photo shoot

Just in case you were wondering exactly what 32 ounces of water looks like, it looks like that. One whole big Nalgene bottle full. All squeezed in to one tiny bladder. Add one growing uterus and a lady poking at you from the outside for twenty minutes and you have the miracle that was my morning. The miracle being, of course, that I didn't pee on the poor woman doing my ulrasound.

Despite my full bladder discomfort and a few minutes where I felt a little bit like I was going to pass out from the heat in the room, the ultrasound was awesome. It's kind of hard to tell what's really going on in there most of the time, but sometimes we would get a glimpse of an arm or something identifiable and it was really amazing. The baby was moving around like crazy for a little while, which was also super cool to see. We could see the heart beating and even though it was just four black blobs pulsing, it was mesmerizing. It's still kind of unreal to think that we were watching a baby moving around inside of me, but I'm adjusting.

I'm also adjusting to the fact that it's A BOY, not a girl as I was so convinced it was. This throws my whole faith in palm readers into question and really makes me wonder just what I can believe anymore. But seriously- we're having a little boy! It's kind of exiting I guess, when I really think about it. Maybe I can't buy pink frilly dresses or put cute bows in his hair, but I'm sure we will have a ton of fun anyway.

Now if you'll excuse me, I just have to go pack up the flowery crib bumper, the pink curtains, and all the little girly onesies I bought in preparation for the birth of my little girl. Little monkey, I promise the room will be sufficiently un-pinkified and the dresser stocked with more masculine attire by the time you arrive.

And, I can't wait to meet you! You're already adorable (and seem to share Daddy's oral fixation).