March 8, 2009

c is for cupcake

A few weeks ago Bake & Destroy posted a call for the "next great apron" and it brought to mind a sketch that I've had in my idea book for months. It's an over-the-top, ruffled, girly, appliqued apron that's heavy on the pink and not normally my style, which is probably why it's been sitting un-materialized in my book for so long.

The apron features a cupcake applique on the chest, and since Bake & Destroy is a baking blog and cupcakes are a frequent feature, it seemed like an appropriate fit so I got to work. I chose a subtly patterned brown fabric for the cake, a swirly french-vanilla color for the icing, and of course a bright red for a cherry on top. The apron body is a pink and white candy-stripe and the ruffle and tie are pink polka dots. There are two patch pockets inspired by some on a skirt in the great book Sew What! Skirts- lined with the same contrasting fabric and finished with a button.

Despite the tooth-numbing sweetness, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. It's fully lined and top-stitched all around for a nice professional look. The tie is long enough for a nice full bow in the back or a subtle knot in the front, which I tend to prefer. It's also the first apron I've made with adjustable nickel slides for the neck strap instead of a bow. I like this option because a bow can feel kind of bulky behind your neck. I did have a hard time finding slides that weren't plastic, so I ended up ordering some from this site.

It's been done for a while now, but I finally got around to taking a picture that wasn't totally blurry. I'm a nerd and I have a tough time holding the camera still with one hand to take a picture of myself!