March 18, 2009

goodbye Right Start

The sad news is that the Right Start stores in our area are closing, but that means that there are great deals to be had, so my emotions are mixed at best. Everything left at the Seattle location is 30% off, and everything on the website is on sale too.

We were lucky enough to snap up the last Svan Bouncer when we visited this weekend. We've been looking at infant seats online and at baby stores but we just couldn't be convinced that our child needed some giant battery-operated plastic contraption that vibrates and plays music and features dangly little characters and obnoxious colors.

The Svan bouncer is much more in line with our aesthetic and is fully adjustable to be used as a recliner or a more upright seat for feeding. It also folds up flat and will require no batteries! I think it's a great choice for us and I'm so glad we found it on sale.

We're also looking forward to the Seattle children's consignment sale that is coming up in May. Some friends of the family have gone in the past and said that it's not to be missed for stocking up on baby gear on the cheap. I'm really hoping that we'll be able to pick up a car seat and/or stroller there for our little man.