March 16, 2009

happy birthday to me!

What a fun-filled weekend! As birthdays go, this one (the big two-nine) was all kinds of awesome.

After the ultrasound fun on Friday, lunch with an almost-long-lost friend was a great way to kick off the events. We caught up over the best sandwiches from the best little deli in town and thought back to the days when turning 29 seemed like a it was at least a million years away. We used to have such ideas about where we were going to be and what it was going to look like. It's so interesting and kind of funny to see how our goals have manifested (or not) as we've grown up from naive young adults into the wiser people we are now. Let's just say that things, as wonderful as they are, are not exactly what we foresaw when we predicted how our lives were going to be back in those days.

Lunch was followed by happy-hour drinks and dinner at Mama's Mexican Kitchen with some former co-workers who understand my instinctual need for a night on the town once in a while, despite the present affliction which prevents the consumption of any delicious alcoholic beverages. My virgin pina colada was delicious, thank you very much, and so was the food at Mama's. Then there was the company, (and the presents), which made for a highly enjoyable evening indeed. Thanks guys!

Check out this cleverly-wrapped gift. My favorite eco-friendly techniques are in play here. Please re-use and recycle!

And even though my birthday wasn't until Sunday, the party continued on Saturday evening with a family dinner at sister-in-law's house with the in-laws and cousin too! There was delicious food, cake, baby toys, gifts, and familial love all in abundance. My rack and belly were also in abundance, which I didn't really comprehend until the pictures were emailed the following day. I'll spare you the gory details, and let me just go on record and say: Good Lord! I swear it's all happened overnight.

And finally, Sunday- the actual birthday day dawned. I woke up to snow for the first time that I can remember on my birthday, and not long after Mom showed up bearing more gifts! Thankfully everyone else has noticed my need for fat-girl clothing, and maternity clothes and gift cards were the gift of choice this year. Hooray for shopping! Hubby took me to my favorite breakfast spot for blunch, and then we commenced our own little shopping excursion for a few hours to check out some of the baby stores around town. There seems to be a serious shortage of places that have a more natural vibe to them when it comes to outfitting and gearing up your kid. We've spent enough time in Babys-R-Us to know that all that icky plastic and licensed character business isn't for us, but we're having a hard time finding somewhere outside of the internet that suits us. One great place we came across is sadly going out of business, so we were able to score a great deal on a couple of things, but they'll be gone soon and we're back to the hunt.

The grand finale of my special weekend was an amazing night at Teatro Zinzanni's Under the Gypsy Moon. I don't even know where to begin to say how awesome it was. We were seated right in the middle of the action at one of the best seats in the house, and we were fed a five course meal! If you're in Seattle and you haven't been, you really must go at some point in your life. It's just amazing to be so close to the action like that! We could have reached out and touched the performers and quite often they do come right up and get involved with you. Hubby was fed a stray Pringle from a garbage can by a little person impersonating King Kong at one point in the show, and that was just a moment of the excitement. Circus, comedy, Tom Douglas food- it just doesn't get much better than that.

I think maybe I'll turn 29 every year! Thank you everyone for all your warm wishes and love. XOXO!