March 27, 2009

orbit infant system

Well, we did the impossible! I didn't think that there was much of a chance that we would find the car seat/stroller system that we had been coveting at a price that we could afford, but thanks to our friend craigslist, we did just that!

The orbit system is just totally awesome. It's simple, safe, and completely flexible. All of the pieces are easily interchangeable so it will grow with our needs, and it's well built and sturdy enough to last us through any additions that our little family might experience over the next few years. I'm convinced that this is true because it even survived Dwight's test drive on The Office:

I think it's clear that our constant vigilance and monitoring of the used baby gear outlets in our area has really paid off. We've been so lucky to find the things that we really want, and so far we haven't had to pay full price for any of it!