March 16, 2009

They don't tell you

So in my reading to prepare for the arrival of Lincoln Harrison James, the uncontested winner of the 2044 presidential election, there is a lot of information about the bodily functions of newborns. I believe I'm as prepared as I can be to change a diaper and handle spit up, burping, etc. But nowhere in my reading has anyone documented the sounds that are coming from Lulu.

There's a symphony of burps, hiccups, and a sort of inverted burp hiccup hybrid in our house these days and for once, the noises aren't coming from me. A noise will come from the other room and I can't tell if it came from her or the cat. Sometimes I ask what any of the sounds are I just get wide eyed shrug of surprise. It's strange and adorable. 

It's been a while since I've posted because there really hasn't been much news from my end. I'm not growing or feeling things. I'm not crafting things for the baby's room to the extent that Lulu is. But with the ultrasound that we had on Friday come a new set of parameters. I'm gonna have a son. Lulu had me pretty well convinced I was going to be protecting a daughter, not raising a man. With a daughter my opinion only goes so far. I can relate to a point, but after that, mom's advice is going to be more important. She's been there. She can speak from experience.

A son is a whole other story. I'm gonna be the chief role model for this little man and that's a scary prospect. I shouldn't be allowed to talk to people (or blog for that matter), let alone raise a child. My views, behaviors and opinions should be kept hidden in the darkest dungeon, not passed on to a new generation. There are a lot of characteristics that I lack that I would want my son to have, but how do I teach the guy to be outgoing, courageous and humble when I'm an egomaniacal, introverted, pussy-boy? It is possible to be all those things, trust me. 

In the end all I can do is my best and with the help of the best people I know, hopefully it will be enough.