April 16, 2009

26 weeks

Twenty-six weeks. That's half a year! The little monkey's been in there growing and swimming around for half a year! Crazy. Here's what his house looks like currently:

Last time I was at the doctor she said I was measuring a little bit big, so I'm curious to see if that trajectory continues for the next couple of months or if it was just a fluke. In other weirdness, you can now definitely see the belly moving when Baby gets to kicking, and it's much easier for Gus to feel from the outside. I was so glad for that landmark to arrive because I felt so selfish getting to feel everything all alone!

Also, I've been talking natural childbirth with some friends and we've recently watched The Business of Being Born and I think we're pretty much convinced now that we want to deliver at home instead of at the hospital...

I know, we didn't see that coming either. I never thought of myself as "one of those women" but I guess maybe I am. More news on that front to follow once we've met with the midwife and officially made up our minds.