April 21, 2009

art for the nursery

A few weeks ago, Gus remembered a poster that we had purchased during a trip to the Gorge for the Dave Matthews Band concert in the summer of 2006 and mentioned that it might be perfect for the nursery.

After just a bit of drama getting it framed and hung (involving me breaking the glass, buying a new frame, and then having the finished project fall off the wall thirty seconds after I hung it), I think I have to agree. The colors are a great match to what we've got going on in there, and it even makes the pink stripes in the curtains okay with me now, screw the girly connotation!

I love the graphic nature of it, and it's Sasquach, which is essentially a monster, right? All these factors indicate that this will be an instant hit for a young boy all without being offensive to my delicate tastes!

Of course, it doesn't hurt that the poster is special for sentimental reasons too since we bought it during our first concert/road trip/camping adventure together. Should make a great story for Lincoln someday.