April 29, 2009

Because I love him so.

And also because I'm so not above a little bribery now and then, I made hubby's favorite treat yesterday.

This was designed to ease the pain of revisiting my not-super-exciting-to-begin-with chili from the night before. And I think it worked!

The Pioneer Woman featured this recipe on her blog recently when she invited Smitten Kitchen to visit, and as soon as I saw it I knew Gus would be delighted if I made them.

He loves soft pretzels and has been disappointed by a local establishment that serves them more than once because they've always "just run out" when he tries to order one. (Actually, I think pissed might be more descriptive. He's been known to mutter "it's flour and water and yeast- how do you "run out" of that?)

There they are, fresh from the oven and oh- so delicious. I dunked one in a little bit of mustard, but Gus decided we needed to take it to the next level with cheese sauce. He made up a slightly modified batch of Alton's cheese fondue, and the deliciousness just kept on coming. Exponentially. It was truly magical. Smooth and creamy and magical.

We've made pretzels before with the recipe in the bread book, but they weren't nearly this amazing. I credit this to the fact that Smitten Kitchen adapted her recipe from Martha, and everyone knows that Martha does everything right. Well, with the obvious exception of insider trading, but everyone gets one free pass.

We were stuffed fat with doughy goodness and could barely move for the rest of the night, but it was all worth it when he said:

"Man, am I sure glad I married you!"

Me too baby, me too.