April 27, 2009

*insert sigh of relief here*

So today was the big day. Glucose tolerance test AND a chat with the doctor regarding our desire to never see her again. Combine my distaste for confrontation with being all hopped up on 50 grams of glucose, and it's no wonder that my blood pressure was a little high today!

Thankfully, our wonderful doctor was very sweet and kind when I told her that we had decided that we wanted to deliver at home. She even admitted that home births could be quite lovely, but was careful to temper that with a suggestion that we make sure that there is a good emergency plan in place, because when things go wrong they can go wrong very quickly. Noted, thank you. Lucky for us, the hospital is in spitting distance, so if I were to really need emergency care like right now, I think we'd be good.

She also said something about how since this is my first baby, we can't be sure that my pelvis will be cooperative and that's always a concern- but I'm fairly certain that just means that she's never really looked at me, because hello? Have you seen these birthing hips? That the baby will fit through my pelvis is seriously the least of my concerns.

My visit today did definitely cement in my mind that we've made the right choice though. Everyone is really nice, but there is that impersonal nature to the office that I just can't overlook. Even my glucose blood draw, which they want to take place exactly one hour after you drink the magic potion, was double-booked. It still happened on time, but it made me think about just how many women I might have been sharing my doctor with on delivery day as well.

Now we just have to have faith in our plan and in my body to take care of business as it should. I have no doubt that Lincoln will be cooperative and in a few months we'll be meeting him for the first time in the comfort of our own home. I can hardly wait!