April 11, 2009

not MIA, just farming!

Kind of disappeared for a couple of days there, sorry! I know you were probably worried and all. I was taking advantage of the abundance of free time I seem to have at the moment and headed out to the sticks to visit some friends. They've got 20 acres of beautiful farmland outside of Spokane and are settling into a new life of homesteading and self-sufficiency. 

We hung out with the chickens, went shopping for a mini-donkey and some goats, and played around with the adorable baby ducks and geese that are currently residing in their living room until they grow up a little. Cuteness abounds around those parts, let me tell you!

Jack the miniature donkey is headed home to Eckland Acres in the next few days. He's going to keep the goat company. Nobody wants a lonely goat!

These are the baby geese, Harriet and Jefferson Blackbill. They're easily the most adorable things ever.

This is what happens when you cross a llama and an alpaca. You get a llamaca! Okay, maybe he's the cutest thing ever!

Pictures from the whole rural adventure can be found here.