April 26, 2009

pea trellis update

A surprising bonus of using apple tree branches for the pea trellis? Blooms! The branches are sporting over a dozen cute little blooms, and a couple are almost ready to open up. Such a cute and unexpected treat!

In related news, the peas are really doing amazingly well considering our spotty weather lately. They're growing up big and strong just like I requested. The bok choy and the lettuce are also thriving in that bed.

The green beans, on the other hand, aren't looking so hot. We planted them a few weeks later than the peas, so maybe they just need some time to catch up? We'll see...

I also planted just one lonely tomato plant. Last year our tomatoes were disappointing at best, it just doesn't seem to get hot enough for them to really thrive. But I LOVE the scent of the tomato plant itself, so I couldn't resist buying just one when we visited the nursery last.

And these. I don't know what they are, and I think they're volunteers, but they are just gorgeous! It makes the yard feel so tropical and lush when there are beauties like this cropping up in the rock wall unexpectedly. Just beautiful.