April 28, 2009

ruffle top: take two

I just had to make a second version of Rae's ruffle top. It comes together so quickly and there's just something really satisfying about cutting a bunch of rectangles and making it fit a curvy body that appeals to my more logical side.

This time I used a sheer silvery vine print fabric for the body and a simple printed white on white calico for the bodice, both from my stash. It makes for a very different finished product than the first one.

I also left off the sleeve ruffles and attempted to tweak the sizing a bit from last time. The bodice band of the yellow and brown one is a little big, so I took an inch off. I also added an inch in length to better accommodate the still-growing baby bubble.

The result was a bodice that fit a little bit better, but my giant pregnant boobs were practically bursting the seams of the pleats.

I took Rae's advice for a full-bust adjustment and pulled the stitches of the pleats. The result is a much more forgiving and relaxed fitting top. Way better!

Be sure to visit the flickr pool to see all the submissions for Spring Top Week. It's so fun to see everyone's designs and check out various interpretations of the same styles.