April 1, 2009


Well, the 23rd week of my pregnancy is wrapping up, and I thought I would share what's been happening in and around my bun-oven lately.

1. I can now say with conviction that the gurgley feeling in my belly is definitely Baby flopping around and not indigestion. It's taken me a while to identify it, but now I can absolutely recognize the feeling. It won't be long until I can point out a foot or an elbow bursting through my flesh, I presume.

2. I have discovered my first stretch marks. On my boobs. *sigh* I knew it was bound to happen eventually, but haven't my poor girls been through enough? I'm crossing my fingers that the magical cream I bought will work the wonders it claims.

3. Peeing has essentially become my source of full-time occupation. The book said that once the uterus moved up into the belly and off of my bladder that the frequency of urination would decrease, but um, no. Not so much. I'm still rising multiple times during the night, and often will find that I have to pee less than thirty minutes after my last trip, having consumed no liquid in any form whatsoever in the meantime. I'm like a miracle of nature.

4. The belly definitely looks like a baby-house now, and not so much like a beer belly. I've graduated to usually buttoning my jeans with a hair-elastic extender now, and pretty much have to wear a maternity shirt in public to avoid feeling like an exhibitionist in a crop top.

And in the not belly-related, but vexing category: I still haven't made curtains for the nursery and can't decide what to do about the decor in there. This boy thing has really thrown me for a loop in the decorating department. I need inspiration!