May 26, 2009

busy weekend!

This lovely long holiday weekend was absolutely jam-packed with fun and accomplishment.

In no particular order, we:

1. Installed irrigation to our vegetable beds and pots.

2. Visited the University Farmer's Market.

3. Had our first Bradley Childbirth class.

4. Ate delicious homemade ice cream at a previously undiscovered local gem called Full Tilt (they have pin ball and ice cream!).

5. Ate amazing steamed and seasoned shellfish at another previously unknown spot called Crawfish King (a New Orleans themed restaurant in Chinatown! Awesome!).

6. Installed cool lighting in our back yard, giving us a nice "outdoor room" feeling.

7. Had a bbq and a bonfire to test out our new space.

8. Reorganized the storage room to bring some order to our chaos.

9. Began tiling a table for the deck that has been a work in progress for at least a month now.

10. Slept in late and stayed up later.

11. Installed the car seat base in the car just in case we need to make a hasty escape to deliver Junior early!

12. Tracked and caught a free-range bunny with our bare hands (and some snap peas!).*

13. Discovered that there is a brood of chicks living in our bird house!

14. Rested, relaxed, and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Hope your weekend was wonderful too!

*In the interest of full disclosure: The bunny lives in the classroom where our childbirth class meets. He escaped to the garden outside and Gus volunteered to be bunny wrangler to safely deliver him back to his home. I just lured him with peas and cheered from the sidelines.