May 27, 2009

chunky monkey

It turns out that there are perks to nesting! Over the weekend when I was cleaning out the basement storage room in a fit of organizational zeal, I uncovered a box of old family photos.

Now, I knew that Gus was a bit on the chubby side when he was born- he was two weeks late after all, but holy mother of pearl!

Please direct your attention to the precious little rolls of baby fat that are adorning those chubby thighs.

And those puffy little cheekies! I think that we can be quite sure that our child will likely inherit those, considering that mine were/are quite chipmunky too.

But I really do hope that Lincoln decides to be born before he has a chance to cook long enough to reach the 9 pounds 9 ounces that his father did. My body would be grateful.