May 7, 2009

flannel bum wipes

All the advice that I've read about cloth diapering (and I've read a LOT lately) suggest that using cloth wipes when CD'ing is not only practical, money saving, and good for the environment, but it's actually easier since you don't have to sort the disposable wipes out to toss in the trash. 

I'm all for easy, so after snooping around on the internets a bit to see what kind are out there and how much they cost I realized that I can totally just make my own. There are a variety of fabrics out there that are being used for cloth wipes- including flannel, terry, velour, bamboo, cotton and I'm sure the list goes on. I decided to try flannel because it's inexpensive, readily available, and it rates high on the softness and durability factors according to those in the know.

I just picked up some flannel remnants at Pacific Fabric Outlet because I don't really care what the design is when it comes to butt-wiping material. I chose a couple of prints that felt especially soft and that you couldn't "feel" the printing on, because that just seemed kind of weird and like it might be uncomfortable.

I pre-washed and dried the material and then cut 8" squares. I was able to get 20 squares from just shy of a yard of fabric, and by stacking two together and sewing a simple zigzag around the edges I ended up with ten nice soft wipes for just a couple of dollars.

I think these will be perfect for cleaning up Junior's bottom once they're soaked in a little homemade wipe mixture and kept in a wipes warmer. The wipes warmer which, by the way, was actually vetoed by dear hubby quite vehemently. Perhaps it's a luxury, but I think Lincoln might appreciate a nice warm cloth on his bum instead of a cold wet rag.

Fortunately, moms come pre-equipped with veto override power, so stay tuned for the appearance of that particular piece of baby gear in the coming months!