May 20, 2009

fun in the garden

In case you were worried, my suffering at the nursery the other day was not for nothing. We ended up with a whole cart full of goodies before we left, and thanks to a 20% off coupon from the entertainment book, we didn't even have to feel that bad about it.

We did manage to select a fuschia basket before the little weirdo ran us off, and I can't wait for it to bloom out. There are a couple of flowers on it and TONS of buds, so it should be providing a veritable feast for the hummingbirds before too long.

We also decided to do a little bit of experimenting in the garden this year. We wanted to plant the cucumbers and squash that we picked up a couple weeks back at the Seattle Tilth Edible Plant Sale (which was AWESOME, by the way), but we were fresh out of space. Gus suggested we grow them in a Topsy Turvy because he saw an infomercial when he was on his business trip, but we are loath to add something so hideous to our yard, despite how great it might work.

We were both plotting in the back of our heads how we might be able to DIY a similar type of growing system in a more attractive package, so we spent some time wandering the nursery looking for inspiration. We ended up with a simple hanging rattan basket with a plastic liner. Gus cut some holes in the side like the new and improved version of the Topsy Turvy, and voila, we have ourselves a hanging cucumber and squash factory.

Honestly, I have my doubts that this will work, but what the hell. We added a couple of fuschias to the top so if nothing else it will be pretty and the hummingbirds will benefit. I'll keep you updated on the success of this little venture, and who knows, maybe if it works you'll see the not-so-ugly-turvy on television at 3 am someday!