May 6, 2009

handsome AND talented!

We decided pretty early on that we weren't going to buy a bunch of stuff for the baby that we didn't think we really needed, and one of the things that made it to that list was the changing table. Now, obviously we know that we do need to have a place to change the kid's diapers forty-million times a day, but we just didn't think we wanted to make room for a specific piece of furniture designed especially for that task.

Since we already owned a cheap Ikea dresser that we weren't using for anything important, we moved that up to Baby's room to use to store clothes and other gear. And, since it just so happens that the dimensions of the top of this dresser are almost exactly that of a standard changing table pad, we decided just to use that as our diaper station.

Gus, being the skilled handy guy that he is, had no trouble crafting me a little box to mount to the top of the dresser to simulate the ones that they sell at various locations for upwards of $100. And since it was custom made especially for me and I could, I requested an extra little space next to the pad section so I have a place to store diapers and wipes and all the little things that will be necessary to the task at hand.

The result is simple but efficient, and we'll be able to just remove it and revert back to a plain dresser once the diaper days are behind us. We added an organic changing pad and I made a cover from less than a yard of super-soft minkee and some fold-over elastic, and now we're set! No unnecessary extra piece of furniture, and very little expense. Just the way we like it.