May 30, 2009

he's a natural

In my constant quest for bargain baby gear, I spent some time yesterday afternoon checking out some new (to me) kid's consignment stores in the area. My new favorite is Me 'N Moms in Ballard. It's huge and if there were still very many things that we were looking for, it would have been an absolute gold mine.

Fortunately for our bank account, I was really only looking for a Moby wrap or an Ergo carrier, and I was successful. I found a Moby in perfect shape, just missing the instruction video, so I pulled the site up today and had Gus give it a try. Once it was tied on, of course he needed a baby, so Winnie the Pooh was happy to step in to help him out.

Half an hour later, I came downstairs to find him on the couch watching tv and still wearing his "baby"!

"It's comfortable. This is easy!"

Hopefully with a heavier and slightly more wiggly test subject, Hubs will still find the babywearing thing acceptable. He looks so cute doing it!