May 6, 2009

it's practically a tradition!

It's not unusual for Gus to return from a business trip to find a freshly painted room or a minor remodel of some kind. Since I'm not one to disappoint, I broke out my brush and roller today and set to work on the wood paneled hallway that has been haunting our basement for far too long.

Although it wasn't the really dark wood kind that you could have found setting off the olive green shag carpeting in my own childhood home, it was still depressing and outdated and it just had to go. See:

Since paneling doesn't like to be painted very much, I primed it first with two coats of oil-based Kilz original to make sure my paint would stick. Even though it's not latex primer, you can still paint over it with regular latex paint, so I just used some off-white Behr that we already had from the stairway and hallway upstairs. I only needed one coat of paint thanks to my beautiful primer base, and now just a few hours later, we have a brand new hallway!

Now I just need to replace the icky ivory light switches and switch plates with white ones and hang some art on the walls. And then we'll just wait and see if Gus notices when he gets home!